Tech stuff you should know about redesign -

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Mystery Bidder Bids $3.2M for 6000 Detroit Homes -

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This is how Google kills your app (x-posted from /r/androiddev) -

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Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems -

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Autumn (WebGL demo) - WebGL demo

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Calories in, calories out -

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Patient in New York City Tests Positive for Ebola -

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A Natural A/B Test of Harassment -

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MIT computer scientists can predict the price of Bitcoin -

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Snowden filmmaker Laura Poitras: ‘Facebook is a gift to intelligence agencies’ -

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Show HN: Cappio – stock research that isn't overwhelming -

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Confirmed: Xperia Z3 for T-Mobile US has a locked bootloader -

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Google Inbox discussion thread - self.Android

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Amazon discloses that it had $83 million worth of unsold Fire Phones at the end of the third quarter. -

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PSA] Waitlist Invites For Inbox By Gmail Are Going Out Now -

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I've been a lifelong gamer, but I can't find a single reason to buy a Nexus Player controller. In fact, I can't name any Android games that I would want to play with a controller. Am I missing something? - self.Android

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Amazon posts $544 million operating loss in Q3, takes $170 million write-down on Fire Phone -

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Why people think Apple Pay is so innovative when an equivalent feature has been part of Android for more than two years. The explanation? Google's difficulty in understanding humans. -

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Google Design just tweeted 41 color codes, and Roman Nurik, a Googler, says "they're made up color values. A secret code is hidden within :)" -

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'Anti-Facebook' social network Ello becomes a Public Benefit Corporation, formally pledges not to sell user data -

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Top languages to know about
  1. JavaScript
  2. CSS
  3. Objective-C
  4. Python
  5. Java
  6. Ruby
  7. C++
  8. C

The above programming language list is based on the languages that recently trending Github projects are utilizing.

Github project to know about


By dangdangdotcom and written in Java
Dubbox now means Dubbo eXtensions, and it adds features like RESTful remoting, Kyro/FST serialization, etc to the Dubbo service framework. - check it out »

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